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Inkbot Editing's mission is to make your dreams for your book or writing project a reality while helping you become an even stronger writer. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you learn more about what we do.

Am I a good fit for Inkbot Editing?

What are the different levels of editing?

What does my project need?

How much does editing cost?

I'm self-publishing. What types of editing does my manuscript need?

I want to traditionally publish. Will I need to have my manuscript copyedited before I send it to agents or publishers?

Why does proofreading only happen after a book is formatted?

Why do the copyeditor and proofreader need to be separate people?

Is Inkbot Editing a publisher? Can you publish my book for me?

Do you have literary agents on your team? Can you represent my work?

What types of content do you work with?

What types of content don't you work with?

I'm interested in becoming a freelance editor. Can you help?

Yes! Please visit our editorial business coaching page for more information. We love to support new editors, and we can help you launch and run a profitable, sustainable editing business.








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