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Inkbot Editing helps writers like you achieve their dreams of being published—whether that's self-publishing or finding and agent and landing that book deal. We love seeing our clients succeed and helping them along in their journey. Here's what they have to say about us!

What People Are Saying

After working with Molly on my query letter and proposal, all three of the agents I contacted got back to me within 48 hours and requested my proposal. Of those three, I got offers of representation from two of them. Molly helped me land an agent faster.

Jim Davidson

New York Times–Bestselling Author

Molly helped me with a perfect blend of professionalism, warmth, care, and providing realistic expectations. She provided in-depth feedback on my manuscript and then spent face-to-face time with me to answer questions and clarify points.

Joan Heiman


Molly has a great spirit that's so helpful in getting through the writing process. I know my words will be thoughtfully nurtured into final

form when they hit her desk. A person has to have heart to care so much for the success of other’s works—a rare commodity.

Pete Myers

Professional Photographer & Columnist

Molly pinpointed weaknesses in my story that no one else had been able to identify. The editorial letter she provided was thorough, but uplifting—after reading her feedback, I couldn’t wait to get started on my next round of edits. I plan on using Molly for all my editing needs!

Jesse Mae Weiner


Before I started working with Molly as my developmental editor, I was just writing content that was going to be put into a book format. Having focused on delivering online and in-person trainings, webinars, and events for seventeen years in my business, I knew how to craft content and material for in-person attendees, but for a reader—that felt completely different and I was unsure what I was doing. 


Molly came highly recommended, so I decided to trust her skills, expertise, and wisdom. After submitting my first draft to her, I trusted her and followed her lead. When I received the editorial letter from her—that was a life-changing moment for me. She took the time to explain and teach me things that were important to the craft of writing.


After going through that editorial letter multiple times, I was no longer just 'writing a book,' I felt like I had become a writer. And, unbeknown to me at the time, that accomplishment was of more significance than completing the book I was working on. 


After seeing Molly’s edits and suggestions about the ordering of chapters, sequencing of content, and paying attention to chapter structures, flow and pace of the material, I now know the reader will have a much better experience when they get my book in their hands. 


Thank you, Molly, for taking the time to go beyond just basic editing...for teaching and guiding me through the process of writing and editing my first book. I feel more confident in the process and the outcome...I feel like a real writer. You helped to bring out the best version of my book and the best version of me.

Melinda Cohan

CEO, The Coaches Console

Working with Molly was an absolute pleasure! I contacted several editors before hiring her but she was easily the easiest to communicate with and gave the best editing sample out of all of them. Her editing work on my book was exceptional and when I finish my next one I definitely know where to go!

AC Bloom 

Humorist & Author

I’ve worked with Molly on several of my books. She is incredibly thorough, professional, and competent. In fact, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t like to move forward on any piece without her approval—I have a ‘Molly Complex’! She is outstanding and I highly recommend her.

Summer Robidoux


As a first-time seeker of editing, I was largely lost. Molly helpfully answered all questions I had, gave transparent timelines which she then outperformed, and provided a quality product--my book, but better. Thanks for putting up with my strange propensity to capitalize everything.

Jude Fawley


It was my first novel. She’s honest with you about things that do and don’t work and remains encouraging throughout the entire journey, so it was easy to forgive her when she made me kill my darlings. Anyone who hires her is in great hands!

Kim File


Molly was really dedicated to my book and added a lot of value with her insights and experiences in self-publishing. I appreciated that she thought deeply and consciously about her edits to my book and was willing to discuss my questions.

Ariana Friedlander

Consultant & Author

When I was ready for the next step in the novel-writing process, I contacted Inkbot Editing for developmental editing. Molly’s detailed, insightful, and encouraging review of my work was just what I needed. This is the best investment I’ve made in a long, long time.

Nancy Doyle


Molly isn’t just an excellent text editor, but she also brings a sharp mind and smart instincts to looking at how to make the communication with any reader as straightforward as possible. After she edited my book manuscript, I noticed three separate sources of great improvement to my work.


First, she’s a great developmental editor, able to see how the entire flow of narrative should proceed. She tightened up my messaging by cutting out a lot of redundancy in my text (you know, when you repeat something, say the same thing over and over, beat a dead horse, reiterate, repeat yourself…um, you get the idea).


Second, in addition to improving the broad narrative arc, she also provided top-notch line editing. I ended up accepting at least ninety percent of her edits, as they improved the text so much. Sometimes I would read a suggested modification and realize that it was so much clearer the way she phrased it, exclaiming to myself, 'Why didn’t I think of putting it that way?'


Third, she’s obviously a very smart person, as she had to rewrite some complex subject matter to improve it. However, in addition, she would consciously point out areas where she might have changed the meaning, given she couldn’t have full content expertise. There were a few areas where she did change the meaning, but it was so easy to catch those because she warned me that might be the case, so I knew to focus on getting them right.


If I ever go through the ordeal of writing another book, I’d seek to use Molly again after what a terrific job she did perfecting my text.

Patrick Geddes

Cofounder, Aperio Group; former CFO and Director of Quantitative Research, Morningstar

Molly is an editing genius (or, if you ask my husband, 'f*cking good at what she does'). My husband and I spent three rollercoaster years working on a YA novel together. Not sure if we’d hit the mark, we asked Molly to tell us what she thought the book needed in order to shine. She suggested numerous changes that helped our work take on a degree of professionalism (without sacrificing our personal style) that made us, as self-published authors, feel like our book can stand with the best of them.

Stormy Swietzer 


 I want to thank you for your thoroughness, your professionalism, your dedication, the way you go about your process and your manner. I feel very blessed and privileged to have your help. I had a very bad critique once, and I know we all get those, but this one really threw me. I have been struggling to find back my writing voice ever since. It is slowly coming back, and your process and dedication in approaching my work have been very inspirational to me. ​

John Springer


Molly copyedited a nonfiction motivational book I coauthored for a memoir client. To say Molly has extensive knowledge—she does—and is the consummate professional—she is—doesn’t do her work justice. She brings an uncommon touch to all aspects of the writing, subtle and otherwise, which to me, as an author and editor, makes her work literary art. She has a gift for bringing out the full power of a writing voice. And she misses nothing. I can’t commend her more highly.

Michael Coffino

Consultant & Author

As a professional editor, I know good editing when I see it—and it goes beyond just applying 'the rules.' Molly exceeded my expectations in every way. She's

first on my list for my next book!

Christina M. Frey

Author, Editor, Co-Executive of the Editorial Freelancers Association

I had poured my heart, soul, and guts into my book, and Molly recognized that and reassured me. Gradually, my fear was replaced with trust, gratitude, and respect. Molly is an editor with a heart!

Lois Fink


Compared to other editors’ work I’ve seen, Molly delivers the most thorough and highest quality product of all. Worth. Every. Penny. If you want the best, Molly’s the editor to hire.

Jack Matthews


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