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A note from the Lead Word Nerd

Don't worry, I'm not really a robot.

I'm also not your typical word nerd. Although you can find me with my nose in a book most days of the week, I'm passionate about editing and writing because I love meeting new people, learning their stories, and helping them achieve their dreams.



Made Easy

From developmental editing to copyediting to writing cover copy, Inkbot Editing has a time-tested, painless system to self-publish a book you'll be proud of. We also work with the best designers, marketers, formatters, and other pros around. 


First-Time Author Help

Are you a first-time author? Not to worry. We'll guide you on the path to getting published through developmental editing, book coaching, and other editorial services that will take your skills to the next level. Say goodbye to doubting your writing.


Traditional Publishing 101

Are you pursuing traditional publishing? You only have one shot to impress an agent or publisher. Don't blow it! Inkbot Editing can help make your manuscript or book proposal the very best it can be. Be confident that your book or proposal will impress.


Not Sure What You Need?

New to editing and all the different names for editorial services? No problem. We specialize in getting to know you and your book in order to develop a custom package that fits your needs. We make it easy for you! Contact us today to get started.







What People Are Saying

After working with Molly on my query letter and proposal, all three of the agents I contacted got back to me within 48 hours and requested my proposal. Of those three, I got offers of representation from two of them. Molly helped me land an agent faster.

Jim Davidson

New York Times–Bestselling Memoirist

Molly helped me with a perfect blend of professionalism, warmth, care, and providing realistic expectations. She provided in-depth feedback on my manuscript and then spent face-to-face time with me to answer questions and clarify points.

Joan Heiman


Molly has a great spirit that's so helpful in getting through the writing process. I know my words will be thoughtfully nurtured into final

form when they hit her desk. A person has to have heart to care so much for the success of other’s works—a rare commodity.

Pete Myers

Professional Photographer & Columnist

Molly pinpointed weaknesses in my story that no one else had been able to identify. The editorial letter she provided was thorough, but uplifting—after reading her feedback, I couldn’t wait to get started on my next round of edits. I plan on using Molly for all my editing needs!

Jesse Mae Weiner

Fiction Author

As a professional editor, I know good editing when I see it—and it goes beyond just applying 'the rules.' Molly exceeded my expectations in every way. She's

first on my list for my next book!

Christina M. Frey

Graphic Novelist, Editor, Co-Executive of the Editorial Freelancers Assoc.

I had poured my heart, soul, and guts into my book, and Molly recognized that and reassured me. Gradually, my fear was replaced with trust, gratitude, and respect. Molly is an editor with a heart!

Lois Fink


Compared to other editors’ work I’ve seen, Molly delivers the most thorough and highest quality product of all. Worth. Every. Penny. If you want the best, Molly’s the editor to hire.

Jack Matthews

Fiction Author

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